Auto Repair Shop Pledges $3766 Donation to SPCA Suncoast  


Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair announced the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Suncoast as the winning charity of the auto shop’s 4th Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest and pledged to donate $3766 to the charity as a result of the contest.

The total amount of the Grand Prize Donation was based on the number of “Likes” the contest received on Facebook with each vote during the contest for any pumpkin, not just the winner, counting as a $2 pledged donation to the winning charity.  The shop with the winning pumpkin chooses the winning charity which they want the money to be donated. After beating all the other shops in the franchise, Alexis Gioe, manager of the location at 11930 US Highway 19 North in Port Richey chose to support the SPCA Suncoast.

The 2014 contest was the biggest in the short history with an unprecedented number of votes.  This year’s campaign received a total of 1883 votes.  Tina Denham, president of the Ice Cold Air Franchise said, “Last year we got almost 150 votes so we rounded up and donated $300 to Morton Plant Mease.  We are thrilled that this year’s contest had more than 10 times the votes. To be able to donate almost $3800 to a cause that makes such an important impact in our community is an honor.”

On why she chose SPCA Suncoast as the winning charity, Shop 1193 Manager, Gioe said, “I just really wanted it to make a big impact. I did my research and when I learned that their organization actually loses money on their adoptions and that they don’t receive any direct funding from the ASPCA or the government, I knew any amount we could give would go a long way.”

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