We work together with other local animal shelters, animal controls and breed rescue groups in an effort to alleviate overcrowding at other facilities in our local communities and in other areas with high euthanasia rates.

Animeals Program
Through a partnership with a local hunger relief organization, The Volunteer Way, we help provide pet food to qualifying families who are struggling to feed their pets. For more information about this program contact the Volunteer Way at 727-815-0433.

Lost & Found Pets
Our free lost and found service for pets helps reunite families with their lost pets.

Pet Preference Program
Many people do not realize that approximately 25% of all dogs and even some cats who enter shelters are purebred. For those families who have their heart set on a specific breed, size or other characteristics, we have a Pet Preference Program. For a $10 donation potential adopters can be placed on our waiting list for 6 months and will be notified when we have their desired dog or cat available for adoption. This program is offered free to those people over 60 looking for a new best friend.

Fostering Parenting
Our foster parents are provided with training, food and any necessary medications. All we need you to provide our foster pets is plenty of TLC and a safe, secure environment. Click here for more information.

Volunteer Program