We are accepting physical donations - such as food and treats - shipped to the shelter via Chewy, Amazon, etc., but we are asking that in-person donations, such as towels and sheets are held until the shelter resumes full services.  

Surrendering a Pet

We are not accepting pet surrenders at this time.


Due to limited shelter space, and resources we cannot guarantee we can accept every animal.


Animals brought to the shelter to be surrendered:

  • Must be current on all their shots.

  • Must be spayed or neutered.

  • Come with all their medical and most recent veterinarian records.

  • The cost to care for and to re-home pets can be in the hundreds of dollars for each animal that comes into our care. The shelter asks for a suggested minimum $25 donation at the time of your appointment to cover administrative and behavior specialist fees.


If you have a pet you would like to rehome and we do not have space at our shelter, please consider using a program from Adopt-a-Pet.com and The Petco Foundation.

We are unable to accept surrenders at this time.

Reasons why pets are surrendered to animal shelters?


The cost of owning a pet can change due to financial hardship or health costs for the animal. Making the decision is not easy, please take time to look for resources in your community prior to considering surrendering your pet because you have a special bond with your pet.


Moving or change in housing. Prior to making the change, locate pet-friendly apartments and housing.  Otherwise, try re-homing with a friend or family member.  The next option is to use Adopt-a-Pet.com and The Petco Foundation. As a last resort, you may consider surrendering your pet.


Behavior Issues - Discuss options and suggestions with your veterinarian.  You may also find various information on the internet, and search online for a local animal trainer.



The SPCA Suncoast is a local, independent 501(c)(3) organization that is funded solely by service fees,

individual donors, and sponsors. The shelter does not receive city, state or federal government funding. 


It is a misdemeanor in Florida

to abandon pets

(Fla. Stats. § 828.13(2)(c), (3).)